About Me


Gail Rosenberg received her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from Emory University. She has always had a special interest in personal development throughout the life span, and specifically in how we form attachments with others, the importance of healthy relationships, and how we learn to manage our emotions and stress. She is licensed to practice in Washington (license # 728). Her previous work experience has included individual therapy and assessment with adults and children; and working with people on mood regulation when there are problems with PTSD, depression and anxiety. She also has a background in learning disabilities, attention deficit problems, and in advising on parenting issues. Currently, her practice is oriented toward adults who want to be more themselves in life and who may be blocked from doing so by previous trauma or other past and present life experiences. In addition to Psychodynamic and Cognitive-Behavioral approaches, she has also received training in Somatic Transformation, an approach which is based on current research in neurobiology and trauma and which can be very helpful in improving self knowledge and well being.



Ph.D. Developmental Psychology, Emory University, 1974

M.A. Educational Psychology, Emory University, 1972

B.A., Wheaton College (MA), 1970

Additional Training:

Object Relations Therapy (Masterson approach)

Consultation in neuroscience, attachment theory and clinical applications (Dr. Alan Schore, UCLA)

Certificate in Somatic Transformation Therapy (Sharon Stanley, Ph.D.)

Neuropsychological Testing

Professional Activities/Memberships:

American Psychological Association

Washington State Psychological Association

NW Alliance for Psychoanalytic Study

Schore Study Group